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At ICC, we firmly believe that the success of a business lives and dies by its people. For that reason, we work with underperforming teams and leaders to help them become highly productive, contributing members of the organization. Acting as an extension to your internal resources, we help your team add value to your bottom line through talent management consulting, organizational effectiveness and outplacement services.

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Talent Management Consulting

Talent management is critical to an organization’s success because people are at the center of any organization. ICC employs proven talent assessment, executive coaching, team building, and management and leadership development programs that enhance employee productivity and drive business results.

Executive Coaching

ICC coaches provide the tools, insight and skills that allow your leaders to succeed at the highest level. Our team helps your leaders correct behaviors that are inhibiting success, navigate the learning curve from individual contributor to leader, develop leadership skills and bridge the gap between technical skills and leadership.

Organizational Effectiveness

By getting to know your story, ICC will work with you to identify both challenges and opportunities for creating organizational effectiveness. A deeper understanding of your organization’s culture aids in the creation of a road map for future success. ICC can help you pinpoint where to invest wisely in leadership development and with whom (succession planning). We target development to what leaders need, rather than what they think they need (competency development).

Outplacement Services

The ICC team has deep expertise when it comes to helping your company navigate layoffs and other large organizational changes. Call it what you want – downsizing, restructuring, layoffs – it still hurts. Any major change can lead to lower morale and decreased commitment, productivity and loyalty among employees. ICC provides compassionate, one-on-one outplacement services and spousal relocation to help offset negative effects of change, and we tailor our programs to fit your budget.

ICC – Innovate Coach Consult, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, is proud to offer our services nationwide including Denver, Cincinnati, New Jersey, New York, Atlanta and surrounding communities. Working with you as a true partner, backed by years of experience, ICC provides people strategies for business results in the areas of talent management consulting, executive coaching, organizational effectiveness and compassionate outplacement services. Contact us today to elevate your business results for tomorrow.

Talent Management Consulting
Talent Management Consulting

Leadership and Executive Coaching
Team and Leadership Development
Management and Leadership Training

Organizational Effectiveness
Organizational Effectiveness

Succession Planning
Organizational Culture Survey


CoManaged Outplacement ProgramTM
Spousal Relocation Services
Organizational Renewal

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Financial Services

The financial industry requires careful projection and strategic navigation of economic and regulatory issues, but a successful financial business must look beyond numbers. To achieve success, strong leadership and effective management of people must be factored into the equation. Talent is crucial for growth in an ever-changing environment.


At ICC, we understand the pressures and challenges many healthcare organizations face in today’s complex landscape. Hospitals, primary care offices, pharmaceutical providers, medical staffing companies and hospice facilities are all tasked with ensuring a high level of patient care while managing talent and leadership concerns.


In a challenging global economy, efficiency is required to remain competitive. Manufacturing remains one of the single biggest drivers of economic activity, but companies will need to use new methods to stay ahead of the curve. Efficiency, productivity and clear business goals will help manufacturers move forward.

Oil & Gas

For this cyclical and competitive industry, employment problems can evolve rapidly. During busy cycles, simply finding enough qualified people to do the work can be a challenge. During slower cycles, staffing needs change. ICC’s proven talent management strategies and compassionate outplacement services can help your company reach new heights and navigate changing economic conditions and industry needs.


Technology companies understand the satisfaction and the challenge of building something from nothing. Their people are driven to develop and to improve upon the technology of the past – and to dream up brand-new ideas. We offer data-driven solutions, based on the latest professional and scientific standards, to develop leaders and to help solve your business challenges through your people. We add value to your bottom line.

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Don’t take our word for it

  • “ICC’s strategic vision helped create and deliver top-notch programs that unleashed many of our employees’ hidden talents. Their flawless approach easily inspired leaders throughout our organization to excel."

    Noelle Oberg Organizational Development and Training Professional
  • “My ICC coach tailored her support around my specific needs and requests, while also coaxing me through important exercises and resources. She was a terrific asset throughout my job search which successfully landed a great new position.”

    David Hydrogeologist/Project Manager
  • "I haven't been this happy at work in a long time. I hardly have time to breathe these days, but it is so much fun to feel like I am contributing to the greater organization and growing and stretching myself into new territories.  I am the luckiest person in the world."

  • “ICC has taken the time to understand our business and corporate culture to form a true partnership. Leveraging credible and experienced consultants with a broad knowledge of current trends, it’s this expertise that is so valuable to us.”

    Vice President Human Resources
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