The finalists have been named and were asked,

“Why should YOU be the Best Company to Work for in Colorado?”

Their responses are in the videos below, and now it’s your turn. Which is your favorite? Let us know by watching the videos and voting for the one you like the most.

The video that receives the most votes will receive points. Those points will be combined with scores from employee feedback about the employee experience at the company to determine the winners in each category – small, medium and large companies. Then, the Best Companies to Work for in Colorado will be unveiled at the celebration of the year on November 1st!

Whether you are rooting for your company or simply wanting to cast a vote for the 2018 Best Company to Work for in Colorado, there’s no doubt about one thing: All these companies ROCK!

The nitty-gritty details…

  1. Criteria for voting is up to you – best story, most important, funniest…pick your favorite whatever your reason.
  2. Videos and companies are in no particular order, so no need to read into which one is first, second or last.
  3. Voting will end on Friday, September 14th at 4pm!
  4. To vote, please be sure you have watch every single video in each company category. Make sure that the video you would like to vote on is highlighted before clicking the “vote” button under each category.

Finalists: Small Companies (1-40 employees)

Finalists: Small Companies (40-99 employees)

Finalists: Medium Companies (100-250 employees)

Finalists: Large Companies (251-5,000 employees)

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